Thursday, January 31, 2008

from, towards and to

I plant the seed,
You make it grow.
You send the rain,
I work the hoe.

(Author unknown)

Seems about time, me being a farmer and all...that I write about my practices. Sustainable agriculture, (or as I like to point out)- is basically farming like our great grandparents did- within the healthy boundaries of budget,environment,productivity, common good and common sense. Rarely did my own kin use anything other than manure to fertilize, rain to moisturize, hand labor, and pretty much just down to earth (for the earth) common sense. They realized, I do believe- that their efforts conveyed a simple acceptance of life and the job at hand. The food they raised upon the earth they so dearly loved was healthy and always a blessing. They took nothing for granted. They worked hard. They rarely complained. They prayed...alot! They shared the fruits of their labor with family, neighbors- pretty much anyone who asked for a sharing of a meal, the breaking of the bread...I remember I remember with great joy- butchering days-hogs and hens and many a rooster, these tasks were done with a spirit of gratitude. Always we helped when Dad would get us there, even though we were kids, my brothers and I-we had a job to do. And after the great and wonderful chores were done, we would always go home with fresh pork, bacon, sausage-the best your tummy could count on. I remember Uncle Hank handing over the craw of the chicken, it would be filled with grain and pebbles-nothing was ever wasted on the farm, we'd gleefully toss it over the fence to the other chickens. Life goes on and on and on...this may seem crude, gross by today's standards-but folks, honestly that food you're eating was once a living member of this society, and someone or some thing way down the line from your own local/corporate grocery line-produced it. These days- so many products on your grocer's shelf have seldom been touched by human hands.Call me a hayseed, but where is the connection there, the one we all flow from, towards and to? In my thinking...( maybe-that's why blogging was created, so we inadvertent writers aren't alcoholics or worse...and we get to say what we think, what we feel, how we process...great gig!)I miss the connection, I do not feel anything for a machine, I cannot.(Except for a certain old gangegreen Ford pickup...& computers- connective devices...)
Is this where we've all lost touch with one another? Could this be the industrial strength bond that has broken our society? Do we not need to feel anymore-the connections? Wake up and smell the horse shit-the roses, the herbs, the freshness, renewable ever resourcing connections-man oh man, it could be this is this simple for this simple mind. Who grew it? I am grateful for your labor of love. Who built it? Again, much thanks. Almost everything I buy is connected through a relationship with the one or those who produced it. (And not because I think I have all the answers...hell, I don't even understand the questions much of the time- but for some reason beyond me, I have been "touched" with an elevated purpose for common good.)Machines, corporations do not appreciate this gratitude, they do not care for connections. Oh, they advertise sure and lead us to believe that our best interests are at their hearts, but truly I wonder- if our best interests were indeed the common goal-wouldn't they just come out and state this is how this was made, this is where this came from, this may or may not be healthy for the environment, for you, for your family...would they not at the very least supply a label of origin? Or back up what they stand for by standing up for us, their customer? And while I'm at it...who the hell will take my phone call, listen to my concerns? (Don't have to tell you that, now do I.) If, again-there's was an interest of common good. Nothing to hide? Then why is it hidden?
Just my thoughts, my opinions, my write-about-what-you-do, and stay-on-task-here...but, me being a truewonder and all- I work amongst the roots. If the roots are no good, the plant cannot be productive, part of the scheme, the connection...
Just my two cents, not much change really-but even a little change, a little bit of thinking outside the box-stores might do all of us a bit of good.
And one more thing, because I feel the need to say this- Just when did making money over and above what is decent- become ethical? There are too many folks these days who would have us believe that making money by any fashion is ethical.???? Again, smell the horse shit?! It sure does stink.
Climbing down upon the ground... thanks for hanging and hoping with me...take care-
(No spell check net today, technology may be breaking up with me I'm afraid...)


Jan Doble said...

as always, you so vividly portray reality! read a poem i came across and posted (entitled Science Fiction...printed in the New Yorker). it speaks to me of our 'disconnections' from each other, although most of us would think through all this technology that we are 'more' connected. despite our 'advancements', makes one wonder if we're not really moving backwards. take care.

Piercing The Veil said...

the truest ones in life are those who handled the essential produce in its raw matter ... you are right when things goes up to the captalist there are some hidden motives which far from the sincerest devotion of those who handled it in bare hands...

but sometimes really it is not we consumers who are the target of the these hiding but some other entities not US but some others

gud eve