Monday, June 23, 2008

forks flying

The morning light has fallen on everything in such a way that all appears golden. Our better late than never shower yesterday afternoon perked everything up, made the corn grow in it's tweaky can almost hear corn grow you know, after a rain.

I wandered around yesterday evening with my camera, left all the younguns on the porch with their bellies full of Sunday's feast consisting of in season bold mesclun greens with a tarragon vinaigrette, honey mustard chicken cooked on the grill by two of the younger chefs in the crowd(Emma and Zack, a neighbor boy)green beans with new potatoes and dill, and the finale of strawberry shortcake. My french friend, Nicolas- enjoyed every morsel it seems. Yes, my intern is here and last night was surrounded by people of his own age...he smiled alot, don't know how much of everything he understood. We did not eat at the table, too many bodies...we were impromptu on the porch- forks flying. It was a good evening, a wonderful get together...especially when the kids got up and cleaned as I walked away, camera in hand. Nicolas explained that they do not eat in their laps in Paris, it was different. I explained impromptu...flying by the seat of your pants, making do..."ahhhh!" he said. Again, not sure what all he is taking in, but he fits right in with that big grin of his.

And so, to end this blog today...busy, busy week ahead- perfection is not my aim nor will I try to impress, with the farm tour. I yam what I yam...but my farm is a beautiful, sustaining, therapeutic place which happens to provide a bounty that is delectable and yields many smiles. That is the impression I hope to make.
Be well out there, take in the sun and the shine...give it away by your smile, take care-

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bam said...

magnificent, in every which way. your feast made me hungry. your photos made me yearn. sending love. my mama has surgery next week so i think i can't scootch down for farm day but i'm not ruling it out....