Saturday, June 7, 2008

furious, beautiful

Another good, wet morning. Again- I do believe the geese around here are just about the happiest creatures you'll find. Unless you count the frogs, they're sure finding something to chirp about, even under the rumbling grumbling sky. On the weather and life in'll shine when it shines.

I picked a five gallon bucket of radishes yesterday, not a loser among them. Lettuce, chard, all the greens are substantial. And the onions, my oh my- the bulbous white, yellow and purple bulbs on them. I have grass growing through all the straw on the potatoes. Ruth Stout where are ya when I need ya...the straw stored in my barn since March has produced upon it's laying in the potato fields, enough green grass to cover a lawn. Too much seed in the straw, and all I can do is pull and pull and replace the mat of gold. Sure hope those taters don't mind too much- the company.

Today is not so dismal, just damp and sultry. The basement is beyond the trouble right now of drying it out. The dehumidifier cannot keep up, producing buckets upon buckets of moisture. Normally I'd save every drop for watering...but what hasn't been saturated? And the pool under the gutter system where I collect rain for watering- cannot even hold goldfish, they float right over the rim with all the soaking rains. But still, I do will shine when it shines. That's my best answer folks, for the weather predicament question. It's just a good old day for peaceful rest...and for watching again, hopefully-the furious, beautiful sky. Take care-


bam said...

did you or one of your sweet camera clickers click that beauty? oh, my!!!!!! it is magnificent. i could sit and stare at that for an hour.......hope the sun comes. and so sorry about the grass keeping company with the taters. oh, i'll bet you are eating fine these days...i can't even

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I agree about the cheeriness of geese and frogs.