Friday, June 13, 2008

Slow Food

Oh my goodness...another sultry day. Looks like we might be getting more storms...oh well, the house is screaming for attention, like dusting and sweeping and a little bit of laundry.

And I am going to post the tour info if anyone is interested for the Slow Food group coming out on the 29th, the public(that'd be you....) is invited. Here is the info:

Slow Food Farm Tour
Beauregards Farm - (Williamsville, Illinois)

Join us for a tour of Beauregards Farm located 2 miles south of Williamsville. Owner Terry Starks will tell us about her farm and allow us to walk around the property on mowed paths through the rye and grasses. She also has an intern from Paris working with her for the summer who will share his perspective with us.

A delightful lunch of quiches and a seasonal salad will be provided - all grown or raised on the farm.

The cost for this trip is $5 for Slow Food members and $10 for non-members. Reservations are required, with payment being made the day of the tour. To make a reservation for this wonderful local farm tour, please email Deanna at or call her at 629-8949. The deadline to make a reservation is June 23rd.

Now should any of you out there in cyber land want to help with the serving and the setting up, well I wouldn't sick the dogs on ya...I'd say, "SURE!!!"

Should be interesting...and yummy. Hopefully, the weather will oblige and be sunny and breezy, otherwise we'll all know what it feels like to sit in a hot chicken coop- although I'll have fans running and lots of iced tea and lemonade. Rain or shine, this tour goes on, in the shed. Oh, and I'm looking for pie pans to borrow and, friends- lend me your seats. Off to pick lettuce, take care-

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bam said...

oh, me, oh intern from PARIS!?!?!??!?!?! mais, non! we hadn't yet heard about that, had we? or was i asleep at the very wrong moment. oh, this tour sounds scrumptious, even without the quiche. 29th, huh........i'm going to put that under my thinkin cap. i would love to come help.....just think of the friends you'll make that day, and how many will leave just a piece of their heart where you harvest more truly than any one else we know.......