Saturday, May 29, 2010

ankle deep discounts AND the better of the best

~Black Fly Cover Girl~
(with tiny catch & release of the day...)
Good morning…I am hectically writing this morning as I stayed up too late fishing, being bug bit- needing a transfusion this morning it feels…as though I’m anemic.  Could be the coffee cup needs filled again… could be the hectic pace of Spring planting and fishing and photographing and chick upbringing is catching up to me.  Could be that I am finding my self a glorious pace in this glorious place of Maine.  Whew!  That’s enough of that kind of streaming thought faze…
 ~Chicken Condo~
(complete with swimming pool and rowdy Guinea neighbors)
Found myself meandering off the chosen path that *Lola had laid out for me last week (as I had previously committed to driving to Lincolnville to pick up new guinea chicks)- I was caught off guard by a big old red barn full of trash and treasures.  What self respecting junk seeker could resist the allure of rust and chipped paint?!  Certainly not this one…

Besides, I was in the market for a good old bike with fat tires and dented fenders.  The Treasures & Trash Barn, run by none other than Jeff Merry and his sweetheart of a  mother with a beautiful name to boot- Faustina, did not let me down.  We tried to wedge the American Flyer in the back seat of the too-tiny-Toyota.  Darn near got it stuck in there forever-

Mr. Merry and I adjusted, bent over backwards, performed a full Nelson and finally wedged that beautiful old bike in the back of the bed, atop the cages meant for new chicks.  Mission completed, I vowed to return again and again to that Merry place of treasures.  Should you decide to go, be forewarned- there is something you’ll just have to have.  I’m not sure if checks are taken, but cash speaks loud and clear though ankle deep discounts are given to certain shoppers that tickle the proprietor’s sense of good humor.  Route 1, Searsport Maine- just this side of Belfast.  Beautiful drive, great grub to be found as well at the Depot turned into a hot dog refuge.  
Treasures & Trash Barn
(207) 548-2787

Thanks for hanging, I’m off to the seedling sale at Tide Mill Farm, again- Route 1…my favorite out of the way places are on this road.  The further East you drive, the less traffic one encounters, the more happenstance occurs and the better of the best fish and chips ever, are to be found.

Take care-  

 (OH!***Lola is my GPS, what Lola wants, Lola gets...rarely.)


Jane said...

Hey there... glad that you are doing well! Love the bike! Have you ridden it yet??


truewonder said...

Hiya Jane,

Oh yes, I have ridden it as goes "rickety rackety" all the way down the road. I love it, just got a basket for it. How's life treating you? Take care-

troutbirder said...

That's a pretty scary looking photo with the headnet. Reminds me of some days spend in the BWCAW fighting off black flies, mosquitoes and.... black bear camp raiders. :)