Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shine and Shadow~ Maine Spring

"...Wherever you go they'll go with you and whatever you are you'll wonder,

smiling about the fullness
you can't add to and the emptiness
that you can fill."
Scottish poet~ Norman MacCaig, from Anam Cara
Graceful trees, Calais Maine
Sea Urchin~Found in the woods at Devil's Head, Calais Maine
Variegated Maple Leaf

Luminous spectacle


troutbirder said...

It is a wonder...truely.

Jayne said...

Lovely... that book is still impacting my spirit.

Hey, I tried to email you and get your snail mail addy as I'd like to send you a little somethin' somethin' so if you get time, drop me a line at journeythroughgraceATgmailDOTcom