Friday, February 1, 2008

A stir of echoes

Beautiful title. Can take no credit, but isn't it a wonderous thing to ponder? Echoes. That's all I really do here- echo. Did you ever wonder on pebbles, stones cast upon a still lake- the ripple effect? Or, a voice upon the water-can have the same effect? Is it the voice, the breath, or? Deeper still- echoes ring?

"If any little word of ours can make one heart the lighter,
If any little song of ours can make one life the brighter-
God help me speak that little word, and take my bit of singing-
And drop it in some lonely vale to set the echoes ringing."

Isn't that the most beautiful thought?
I was quite taken with that lyric, found it in an old antique manuscript, can't even remember where, or how I came upon it. A wonderful creed to live by...hangs in my kitchen, crudely mounted on a Salvation Army find, there by the back door where I wanted always to be able to be reminded of it's message. Truly, there are days when I do not notice it. Shame on me for not noticing enough-the echoes. In my list of favored sites "Food For Thought-When Your Hungry"- the ringing of echoes. I can see enough folks stop in, by the profile view thingamajig...hope they notice the side bar, the offside thoughts...
I do hope that more would comment, but it is enough I suppose-that they are at the very least awakened by the ringing here.
" I young enough to believe in revolution, am I strong enough to get down on my knees and pray,and am I high enough on the chain of evolution to respect myself and my brothers and my sisters and perfect myself in my old peculiar way."- Kris Kristofferson (Pilgrim's Progress, what a wisened one...)

Snow day, could not resist the urge to write of seeing the snow, feeling it's intense message of "Be alive!"-wrap up the fray, take on the day, come out-come out and play. Yep, here I go...take care-

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bam said...

can't wait to hear what you came upon when you went out to play and take in wonder in the thigh-high snow? tell us what you saw? and do you have a picture? you who paints us pictures with your words, your my house the snow seems to have stirred up quite a chatter with the birds. ones i'd never seen made it to my seeds today. chirpin. squawkin. scarfin' down a mighty lot of breakfast. i wish some day i could find the places where the birds wait out the storm. have you ever seen it? and what do your hens and peacock have to say about so much white fluff on their turf? blessed weekend, true. most blessed.....