Wednesday, May 21, 2008

minor miracle

Good morning! I have been busy though voiceless when it comes to blogging because I shorted out my keyboard...again! On Mother's Day I felt like cleaning, everything...and with a barely moistened cloth, I cleaned up all around the computer area. Apparently, some moisture got into the keypad and wa-lah! Fried again. This time, my new key board has a waterproof feature...thank goodness.

So, how have you all been? Busy? Sick of the rain and cold? Of politicians and high gas prices? Sure, all those things can make for dismal days, but have you noticed the changes, the longer days and the way- when the sun shines, it kind of evaporates all the melancholy?! Me too!!! There's a nest of birds above the porch swing, the guineas are sitting on eggs, the hens out in the coop are all pretty plucky, lettuce and onions and radishes are looking fine and spiffy. The spinach salads make me feel like Popeye, and I don't mind plucking a radish out of the ground, dirt and all and plopping it into my mouth. Love to graze in the garden. It won't be long before the sweet peas become my favorite snack. And when I mow (far too often...) I love to get as close as I can to the Honeysuckle and Lilacs...just to press my face in their branches and breathe in...ahhh! The sweetest thing these days though has to be for me, the Lily of the Valley- those little creamy white bells are as close to a promise as I have ever found. What faith have I in life and the creator...I only have to look upon or remember in days when the Lily's are not in bloom...the fragrance, fragility and fineness of my favorite flower. I have never seen anything in my life, including mountain ranges and oceans, works of art and sculptures- that speaks of beauty like the Lily of the Valley.
I hope you can hold something in your palm today, or in your gaze and find an everlasting hope in a minor miracle. Be well, take care-

*By all means, please...look over there at my other mentioned blogs and read pull up a chair, read about Rosa and Lucy. Just do it. I promise you will be filled with awe, admiration and an example of devotion and love beyond any dictation of what we might think we know about it...


Jan said...

I'm amazed at your photos, esp. of the peacock, which i've only seen at zoo's! just beautiful! i will need to come back at a later time to read more about what you have written!

bam said...

babycakes, you're the best. how breathtaking--and i mean i sucked in air--to see lucy and rosa mentioned here. God bless you. you too shine with them in my nightsky of shining stars. xoxoxo