Friday, May 2, 2008

way to go...

It's a good day to kick back. Wind is blowing, rain is on the way, the grass is growing but the mower is broke down, the weed eater lays there at the ready, but I'm not ready to yield it...yet. I could pull the tractor out and till the bed for the new herbs out in the shed, 113 in all. I could beat the rain drops, I'm sure I could get that chore done- but, I'm not quite awake enough to manage getting the tractor out of the shed without hitting anything. Even on a clear eyed day, I hit things with the tractor. It's too big, really- and the bucket attachment on the front just naturally bumps into the house. Yep, I tore the corner off trying to get the old cement stoop off the back of the house. I was brush hogging last summer and turned the corner to tightly and punched a big hole in the shed. Geez, I am dangerous with that thing.

And I can't truly lay back, I have work at 10:30- but still, there is time between then and now to get that tilling done. Before it rains. Some days, like this- find me not all that hopping to do much of anything. More caffeine should do it, or putting limits on myself, like- no mushroom hunting after work if that chore is not done. I mean it missy, get your butt in gear. It's kind of hard to argue with myself, especially when I take that tone. So- not much profoundness to be found here today folks, unless there's a lesson there for me or diligence even when I'm diligently ignoring the chores. Aaaahhhh well, I'm through combatting(did I just make that word up?) myself, I'll head out to the shed in 15 minutes, won't take long to do what I've got to do- besides, I'll make the Robin's happy with the open earth buffet of fat worms, so I'll do it for them. And me. Being productive, getting it done is like slapping myself on the back and saying, "Way to go!!" OK, I've got a ways to go, getting on it...take care.


Jan Doble said...

it's okay to give yourself room to 'fail' (if you want to use that term) occasionally...or otherwise, 'give yourself some slack, to take a break' once in a while. so, did you actually get the chore done??? (just curious!)

your lifestyle and mine are exact opposites! BUT, you are interesting to me. not sure how we'd get along in 'real life'...we live in such completely different worlds! but perhaps in person, we could smile, and give hugs:)

bam said...

oh, darlin, i do love to peek in on you and your farm doings. i was just out collecting worms, post rain, with my sweet lil boy. we were rescuing any ones that got stranded on cement, and couldn't find their way back to the sub-terrain that is their home sweet home. oh, i wish, i wish, i lived just down the lane and could roll my tractor close to yours and we could solve the puzzles of the world as we tilled our soils. blessings from the faux farmgirl. the one who WISHES she lived in your world. xoxoxo