Thursday, May 22, 2008

the romantic farmer

Here is some exciting news,'s exciting to me! And you there, hooked on this here blog like the folks who watch Lost or The Office- you just can't help yourself! So let me fill you in.

First off, I am so sore and tired even my elbows hurt. When your body sends those kind of messages, it is best to take heed. Seriously, I woke up this morning and said, "UH-OH!" I had to take an Advil. Reminds me of my youthful aches after a couple of hours of the first softball practice...after a long winter of practicing tossing Mountain Dew and Hostess Cherry pies back, as if my svelte little bean pole figure would never be affected. I'd wake up the next morning and feel like I had arthritis, moaning "My calves hurt, I can't bend my knees or go to school in this condition." Grandma would just look at me and sneer. She never had sympathy for youthful aches, she was a guide at the Old State Capitol- she walked a flight of stairs a hundred times a day, with teenagers hanging on her every word. (Because she scared them, they feared she'd toss them over the banister if they dare cross her...) Oh, where was I going with that? Oh yes, I ache. Because I have been doing my twelve hour days...trying to get all the planting done during these days of dryness, before work and then after too. And work? The Wild Hare is not a wonderful secret anymore- people come in droves, and in big groups. I run a marathon it feels like sometimes, a five hour marathon with plates balanced on my arms, and weight lifting with jugs of tea and bus trays full of dirty dishes. Oh the life!
Last year at this time, I was the romantic farmer-my first year of dreams. When you're passionate and naive...oh the wonderful world! But this year finds me still passionate- though not so naive. We have had such wet and cold weather, it's hard to get the planting in, to get the hair cut, the house clean, the writing of the blog...everything depends on the weather- and the off the farm work schedule. I haven't had a Saturday off since March! But by golly, I have the next two Saturdays off! And my Big Fish is visiting come Friday- so the place needs to look extra spiffy, and then there's the French kid coming in June- didn't I mention that? I'm getting an intern, a European one to boot. And my first farm tour the end of required. All so exciting, exasperating and my darned old elbows hurt. What more could a girl want?! Robert Redford...beyond it all I still want Bob. OK- need to get it in gear, the Advil has taken affect- enough so that I can at least hang my laundry on the line. Good to be back, and hello Eric- love you son. Take care-


Anonymous said...

Hi, just read back the last few posts. I can't even imagine - just taking care of a yard has me aching - I so want to get it all doen before hte heat settles in, bu tknw I won't. I have vegggies ready to go in the ground this weekend, though, so I'm excited about that.

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bam said...

dear RF, i admit: i am among the hooked. who wouldn't be? never did see the office or the other one you mentioned. why wander there when we got you here? you are all i need to keep me hummin. who else drives her tractor in the lilacs just so she can get a whiff? well i would if i had one. all i have is one of those little rollerblade mowers, the kind that makes the neighbors wanna take up a collection cuz i don't seem to be able to afford the noisy kind, the kind that chokes out all that smoke. i also hate to admit this, but i don't have a lilac either. definitely a deficit. and one that must be fixed. i could read of you and your daily meanderings all day. hey, have a mighty fine time fishin, guess we won't have any episodes to watch for a while here, on channel true. xoxox