Tuesday, May 6, 2008

tell your story

Well, here's the deal...I have been keeping something under my hat because, well because I didn't want to think about this too much, didn't want to make myself crazy about the details and what to say and how to dress and be oh so very vulnerable in front of a room of strangers.

Due to an article last year in a big terrific paper, I was asked to speak at a college in Chicago...to tell my story. I received very little instruction, just "tell your story." Hmmmmm...now there's a dilemma, so much to tell, so much history so much beauty, so much sadness. How does one get up in front of a crowd and speak in such a way that snoring does not occur? That the speaker herself does not break down when remembering what brought her to farming, made her decide that life is worth living, is abundant, is ever evolving, changing and one must learn to flow with it. I've gone on TED and watched the speakers, so passionate, so at ease with their material and their audience. I've researched: How to give a lecture...the one telling I liked best was present it like a menu- Appetizers, soups and salads, the main entree, and finally- the desert. Problem is, my menu is realllllly thick- I've got to pare this thing down, by 8:30 a.m no less- not because I've waited until the last moment, but because I hope to teach something today, make a point. I've always had in the back of my mind, like the Coca-Cola song- "I'd like to teach the world to grieve, in perfect harmony...." Boy oh boy, it should be interesting...hopefully to the audience. And I'm taking someone whom I trust to give hand signals, like you're chattering on, and you sound crazy, and hey you're putting them to sleep, and a simple thumbs up when I've said and done the right thing. Well, I'm sure under prepared for this thing, I don't know how to do this properly, so like everything else in my life- I'm just gonna wing it. Let you know if I fly or flop later...take care-


Anonymous said...

You'll be fine, Ter. Stories from the heart never lose an audience.


Anonymous said...

You will be wonderful. I wish I was there to cheer you on :)


bam said...

dag bust it baby, why didn't you tell me??????? i woulda been there cheering, holding kleenex. i would have introduced you. i was held up by a faulty computer all day yesterday or i would have seen this. let's just take you on the road. you gorgeous teacher, farmer poet. what college was smart enough to invite you, i wonder. can't wait to hear. i know how it is, how nerve-wracking. i have to do a meditation on mothers for a mother's day mass tonight. and i don't want anyone i know to be there. makes me too dang nervous. my voice always warbles at the start, then i catch my wind and i'm ok. but geez, the getting up there........please do tell. love, a friend

Jan Doble said...

wow--what great news. i think you will do a wonderful job. let us know how it all goes.

Anonymous said...

well, how did it go? we need details . . . Kim W.