Friday, February 13, 2009

the ever loving wintah garden

"...oh my my, oh hell yes...honey put on that party dress..."

That lyric pretty much sums up what I have been doing with my time and the BF for the last several days. Well, it's not totally accurate... we have been working!

He: painting trim, unable to vacation-artisitic creative type.

Me: working at the cafe, enjoying the sunshine and the good company.

We: Eating! Dating! (Actual dinner dates and musical venue things, and wine tasting...)

Oh, the working part...we have now prepared (for early Spring dining) the ever loving winter garden.

This is what as known as the lazy woman's cold frame. The lazy woman goes to the hardware store to pick up painting supplies for the hard working man. She spies garden seeds that act like a magnet, compelling her to "come and just look at all the new organic seeds..." She is drawn by forces greater than her, like a bee to honey, like a butterfly to milkweed, like a zombie to...not sure exactly what zombies are drawn to, but anyway- I've seen a few, and they look just like I do in the gardening center of any store.

So, naturally- I pick up only a few greens and radish seeds and forget something in particular the man needed for a job he wanted to do on the windows. As I enter the threshhold of the newly almost finished painted door way...the Big Fish senses my glee, he figures I got paint brushes at a discount or something. "Nope!!" I say, "I have some lettuce seeds for the straw bale greenhouse I'm going to build!"

It is then I realize that this man truly loves my free thawing spirit, for he only smiles and says, "Deah, isn't it a bit too cold still for this?"
The second the light of joy starts to lose it's glimmer from my eyes, the luster of hope and possibility- he instantly retracts the last statement, doesn't even say a thing about me forgetting the most needed supplies and instead offers, "well, when do you want to construct this wintah garden?"

When I returned home from work yesterday afternoon, the BF, the sweetest guy I know- tells me to get some wine and glasses, grab my seeds and "let's plant them!"

(please note: we had earlier prepared the ground, strawbales, and covered with window frame to heat up the soil about a week ago.)

I'll let you know if the seeds germinate, and in case you're wondering...I do this every year about this time and I do actually eat greens and radishes round about Easter. But never had I enjoyed the process as much as I did this year...

Take care-


Shelley said...

Love you stories and your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Any post that starts out with Tom Petty is bound to be a good one! I hope your wintah garden is the best one ever :)

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

This may well be the sweetest Valentine's story I read this year. I'm so glad you were able to take time out to write it!


troutbirder said...

Now that is a really cool idea. Mmmm. I wonder if I have any old windows laying around in the garage.

Jayne said...

I've never heard of doing this, but it looks fun to try, esp. with the wine as an accompaniment!!! What a guy!

Anonymous said...

you always make me smile . . .thanks KimW

truewonder said...

Making people smile...and think! is something I seem to do pretty well, and am grateful to do so. And planting while wining, errr- in the winter anyway. Spring time requires sure tractor skills, I don't do so well with that stone cold sober...thanks all.

(and yes- strawbales, old windows, warming up the ground so soil temps allow germination for cold hardy plants such as lettuce really works...or could it be this miraculous farm??!)or the Big Fish intervention...

Jane said...

The story is great -- good luck with your garden this year!


Lorrie said...

Yay for gardening! And understanding BFs! Only, I don't think this-here southern gal could handle that obviously yankee accent...LOL.

BTW, I posted on my blog for the first time in FOREVER! And I was checking out my blog roll and saw you, so thought I'd pop in and say hello. So, Hello! Happy gardening.

bam said...

the romantic in me LOVES this posting. oh, darlin, you can tell a story. psst. do not tell my bosses i am stealing time here and avoiding what i should be doing because i've been sucked into the vortex that is your world and i can't bear to leave....i could SEE you in the hardware store being seduced by those seeds....
eek. the boss just called. who told him i was over here havin' fun????