Monday, February 23, 2009

sticking it to the man

Good morning. I had one of the most unique, sumptuous afternoons yesterday. In little Greenview Illinois there is a community center, a bright yellow building that has CIA on it's sign. Every February they have a chocolate cook/bake off. It is opened to the public for taste testing, bingo, door prizes and picking out the people's choice awards on the most favorite dish. Oh, and then there is an auction after the crumbs settle. I was hesitant to go, my daughter Emma begged, pleaded and finally reasoned with me...

"Mom, chocolate! Need I say more?!"

Forgive me, but I said-

"Emma, is this church lady fun or kind of an adventure into chocolate?"

(She said she'd have to get back to me on that, calling just two hours prior to the start time.)

Well, I just have to tell you- it was an adventure!

These folks get together every year, trying to out do the previous year's entrants, and literally drench you in chocolaty morsels. You grab your plate, fill it up with as many as fifty samples, stagger back to your chair with the weight of an unbalanced load and start to nibble

. Ever been in a room full of people full of chocolate?! Pardon me, please- but you would have thought an orgy of ecstasy was going on!

"MMMMM....oh-my-God!!!...have you tried this one, it'''s...decadent, I feel a sin coming on!"

Church ladies included- everyone was moaning, rolling eyes, licking fingers, smiling- and I forgot my camera!!! Young and old were all in agreement-

Chocolate is good for the soul.

Fifty-fifty tickets were sold upon entrance, there was a little old gal there who'd sell 'em to you- 2 bucks apiece or 5 bucks for an arm length. She'd say-"Put out your arm dear." By golly I did, and thank the lord above, I have realllllly long arms- I must have had 12 chances for the drawing!
Now that's hometown goodness all rolled up into one afternoon.

At the commencement of the event, an auction was held. I had my eye on a homemade Angel Food cake- I didn't care what it might cost me (the proceeds were going towards this fine community's spirited celebrations-all inclusive) I had to have it. For thirty five dollars, I won my Angel Food- and that is precisely what it was- oh my goodness! I truly have eaten half of it already, half! On top of all the chocolate!

I ended my day at this fine affair by bidding against a local politician on a strawberry cheesecake. I ran the bid up, watched him to see just how far he might go...finally- he won and paid dearly. The fellow next to me said he was sorry that I had lost the bid, that Rich Brauer (a pretty decent individual in my book) always came to the auction and bidded accordingly, often going after the most scrumptious home made goodies. I winked at my neighbor and said-

"Oh contraire! It's not every day you get to make a politician pay out the wazoo..."

My neighbor just looked at me a little nervously...he wasn't sure if I was serious or just kidding....

Anyway- it was a day made for fun- old fashioned, belly rubbbing fun, with a fine finale of sticking it to the man....

Take care-


troutbirder said...

Oh yes! Machiavelli would surely have approved for such an errr.... "worthy cause."

Shelley said...

Too funny with the politician. I want to go to a chocolate-fest. I wish we had something like that near me. Sounds like a great time!

Li'l Em said...

Might for right. Very nice. Our esteemed grand-daddy of truth, justice and the American way, Abe Lincoln, would be mighty proud.

This post made me so hungry I baked myself some homemade dessert. For breakfast.

Powerful prose.

Jayne said...

How fun! Now I need to go eat!

Lorrie said...

Props to my girl for stickin' it to the man! This event sounds like great fun! I want to organize one in Lakeland!

bam said...

i love your world!!!!!!!