Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Now there's something you don't hear everyday...but I'm willing to go. Read on...

I am drinking tea out of a souvenir pirate mug that has a skull and cross bones stating-Bad To The Bone. Normally, this kind of graphic is something I would find on one of my son's t-shirts or a poster in his room. Why do young males feel like they have to emphasize their badness? Hmmmm...when he was little he was so darn cute and sweet. Now he's a hulking, sulking darn near 19 year old.( And if he doesn't get his head out of his arse soon, I think I'm going to have to try the old 2x4 attitude adjustment method. Not that I want to do this, mind you. But- the boy is losing ground, regressing, getting even lazier and well...he thinks he's bad to the bone. Even to his mom.)

I chased the older boy up into the loft of the corn crib once with a broom. He wasn't scared of the broom, just of how I was using it like numchuks upside his head after he got a little to big for his britches. I happened to be sweeping at the time and he happened to mouth off, extremely disrespectful- just once. Let's just say the broom took on a life of it's own. This younger son has been let go far too long with far too much tolerance on my part. Hasn't got him or me anywhere. Hopefully someone will come and bail me out of jail should I become incarcerated for battery. I tell you, it'd be worth the trip if it would knock any sense at all into that thick skull of his. AAARRRGGGH! That's pirate talk for
"I know why animals eat their young."

What I wanted really wanted to offer in this post today is -what a difference a day makes. I showed the house Sunday to a young couple, he a farmer she a teacher. I was so nervous. I think this place is just about as perfect as a homestead can be. Every window that you look out has a beautiful view. Every corner of this property has been loved, hopefully it shows. Every major restoration has been done from new septic to new well and windows and paint and bathrooms...I'm just too emotionally attached to be unemotional about it. I'm selling a whole lot of love here and that seems to be my main advertisement. Wonder how folks would react to a sign at the end of the road that says-

Truly, I've actually thought about doing it. Of course passer bys might think they've found some remote red light district (gives new meaning to Little House on the Prairie! wink wink, nudge nudge....)
"Oh no! Probably asking too much for that place!" The farm's true worth cannot be estimated, even though it is unique and beautiful and one of a kind- but aren't they all. I have to remember that everyone thinks their place of residence is a treasure...well, hopefully they do. I have to remember that money is tight and the economy is scaring the hell out of people right now, so I must stick to the numbers. And I mostly have to remember that this place looks beautiful, welcoming but it also requires a great deal of hard work to maintain it and most don't know what that entails. I'm trying to sell the place myself, picking my choice of owners. I know, pretty slim pick ens. But...I'm trying this route for awhile. One down... truly, if I could give this place away to just the right folks, it would be the couple that came Sunday. They're looking for a lifetime home, looking to fill a house with children and love. Looking to grow acres upon acres of good, healthy food. So- I don't know what they're thinking right now about the tour, I only know the goodbye was hug inclusive...that made me feel so much better and glad that the first folks to see my home were loving and kind. And acted accordingly.

Well my friends, time for me to sign off- if you don't hear from me in awhile, please check the local hoosegow out...make sure that my animals are all attended and my liquor cabinet stays locked up. Raise my bail by hula hooping on a corner with a little jar for tips. I think it could work.

I better go. I'm rambling. Thanks for listening and laughing....I know you're laughing- well, you should be. This is funny stuff. Thing is, I'm pretty serious about the whole thing, even the hula hooping part. Think of it as a fun raiser...for a mightily provoked hell raiser.

Take care -


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking back to the Notebook when he fixed up that old house and thought about selling it. No one that came by seemed like the right person for it b/c he'd put so much love and labor into it. You will find the right people for your special place, just like you told me on my last visit. You'll find the right somebody and it'll be filled with new love, new life, and new hopes. But make sure I get to visit again before it isn't yours anymore :) Love, Rhi

Lorrie said...

I would gladly- proudly- hula hoop on a corner to raise your bail!

I find myself really regretting having stopped writing on my blog for those many months, because in doing so, it brought me here less frequently. Now I'm wondering, "why in the world is she selling her perfect little farm??"

I'm off to look at your archives...I feel certain all will be revealed there...

Shelley said...

Love the story about your badass son!

troutbirder said...

Indeed. After you've lived in a house long enough it becomes a home. Our was 40+ years when we sold it and moved. It was a lot easier thoug when we built a new one in our woods next door.

bam said...

dear darlin,i think the love for sale sign is as apt as could be. i'll say that's a farmstead of dreams. beautiful ones. and i happen to know you've sown the fields with whole seed bins of beauty, that when they come up will fill the hearts and souls of all of those lucky enough to walk its rows. i love that you're selling it the true way. love that couple who came. they sound just right.
all i remember is what washed over me as i pulled in that drive the very first time, was a peace and a sunlight that's rare. tell em about the tree. and the lessons. and the thin place, i'm pretty sure you call it. where heaven and earth are so close you can reach out and touch hands with the angels. tell em all of it. and tell em they'll grow wise and fine there....

Anonymous said...

Oh I can SO relate to this! I raised 3 sons mostly as a single mom and there were times...oh YES, there were times when a 2X4 or a broom felt like the only viable means of communication but the good news is that I can honestly say (as the youngest one nears 30,) they grew into fine men, all of whom are a comfort, a help and a constant joy to their old mama now. Based on how you write in this space, I have little doubt that your hell-raiser will do the same. The seeds you've so tenderly planted in him will bloom in due time, just like those you've tended in your garden. How could they not??

I had to sell a house I loved once too, also in a bad economy (1979) when the interest rates skyrocketed. My little ad in the paper talked about the squirrels who danced in the trees more than the 3 bedrooms, etc. Even though we couldn't get the new spec houses my husband at the time had built sold for another couple of years, the one I loved and lived in; the old one we'd lovingly restored with a yardful of friendly squirrels was sold the very first day to a kind, creative couple who fell in love with the love SO-- I think your sign "love for sale" may be the perfect message. It might not bring in the most house hunters, but it just might bring in the right one. Maybe it already has. I wish you the best with your boy and your house and the new adventure unfolding.... ~kathryn

Jayne said...

I can fully understand how you almost feel compelled to "interview prospective owners" rather than sell the homestead to someone. That just shows how much love is in the place. Haven't hula hooped in a long time, but I'd certainly try to get your bail money. Then, when no one was looking, I'd give him another lick for his mama. ;c)

Jane said...

Best of luck to you!