Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Carrots are the one thing

First off, before I forget the questions: Carrots are the one thing I cannot
grow, literally-no matter what I do, the little dears evade me. A.P. is
baffled, says they're easy-I will be elated when I figure this one out. I like
Johnny's seed out of Maine. Their germination rate seems the best so far and
they do offer pelleted seeds. Their customer service, should a problem arise-is
unbeatable. If you go to the specialty conference in Spfld. they will have a
rep there, I think he is John Fine? He is knowledgeable and easy to talk too.
I also ran into him at LaCrosse. I am ok, holidays are always a source of
bummerism, but-I'm excited for my kids, as they seem anxious and happy for the
holidays, this feels more right than it has in 4 years, a kind of slow
acceptance that we're still a family missing a piece, but we're more whole
individually. Does that make sense? Anyway-I have heard nothing legal wise,
perhaps they're waiting until after the holidays to inform me one
way or the other-and I just do not want to call to see what's up, yet. Being
neutral right now is the best gift I can give myself. Hoping for an answer I can live with, be at peace with.
Lots of ice and snow, pretty but hard to manuever in, especially with the
animals-but I don't recall anyone ever telling me that farming was easy.
Looking forward to the planning, planting plugs and ordering seeds soon. Taking
a trip with myself early January for a few days-possibly New Hampshire and
Pennsylvania to the Rodale institute, just me and my shadow. I can't wait for
you either to begin fully, you're farming-can't wait for the affirmations to flow
to you from the earth, your land. In time, they will
and you will know the pulse of your land and flow with that rhythm. That is the
amazing part of this all-time will shift, no more clocks other than nature's
own-so much as it's raining, or shining, or too hot or too cold and you will
farm to those kind of time frames, at first perhaps feeling you should do more
of this or that-but I found in working with the day, the hour-accepting that
pace, well-I just seem to flow with it. That present moment stuff was truly
being, just being. Time stops and all the little minute details come into
focus, and this sounds all to zen like-but when that happens, you'll really be
there, fully aware and awakened. It's ectasy. Even when there is more dirt on
you than there is on an acre-it's just a giddy feeling. Can't wait to hear your
perspective, you're so positive energy anyway-your crops will be amazing.
I am writing a blog almost daily and it has made me see what I think, what I
ponder and what other's percieve-it seems to be of great therapy to me, even if
so much of it is nonsense to others, I don't care-it is important, a daily
lesson for me. I think I'm going to post a bit today of what I've said above, I
won't refer to you directly. But that is hindsight up there, again-the thoughts
are worth a mulling over. Hope you enjoy your family and friends this
holiday season with a great sense of peace but also with great anticipation of
your coming year. I am kind of giddy for you. Looking forward to your stories,
have yourself a merry little Christmas...blessings. Take care-

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bam said...

i love that meditation there on losing time and finding yourself......thanks for letting us peek over your shoulder and listen to one farmer talking to another. kinda sacred, those words, that wisdom......