Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the little ones on the edges...

Good early morning-
I wondered too much about what to write today, for truly the holidays are so bright, so lit up that every little dark corner is exposed, every shape and form is illuminated and I can see all too well, see that someone is missing and it pulls and tugs too hard at my heart, so-I'll speak of summer and the remnants that remain.
I plant many sunflowers every year-on the east and west sides, groves if you will. And also there are the volunteers, the jungle hybrids that pop up here and there, and I can never pull them, I must let them grow and grow they do. One in particular, the old soldier standing guard by the back door,(he finally gave all in this last ice storm, now I must step over his 6' remains, as he is frozen to the ground) the one that buzzed in honey bee greetings as you passed. The little bees thick covered legs with sun yellow bright pollen, the tiniest messengers of prescence oblivious to me as I passed by. Sunflowers out back, by the summer kitchen-decorated with the hanging of "wild canaries" (my name for them)-while you are inside the little room in the house where you do your,, in concentration-the littlest of yellow birds doing theirs-hanging upside down, seemingly saying, tweeting-"Hmmm, what shall I have for lunch? This glorius fat sunflower seed, or the little ones on the edges, I do need to watch my figure." Well, that is what I imagine they are busy at-being selective in their smorgasborg that God and I have produced for their summer meals.
I leave these summer remnants, the millet and seed heads of coneflowers for my little friends, and some for the deer that I do not allow to trespass in the warmer months, but all gates are open for them in these cold winter days, they know of the deli out back and partake regularly of the popcorn I left standing just for them. Yes those glory days warm me up-keep me centered like the balancing act of my bright sunshiney friends. I think I'll carhart up(kind of like cowboy up-whatever the hell that means) and take a walk this morning. Don't worry, I'll bring you with me-and what your eyes cannot see your heart will absorb at a later posting, kind of like a blind date, in hindsight. Oooh, I'm stretching now...Be well, take care-

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