Friday, December 28, 2007

Taking Stalk

The days are winding down, the road of 07 is just about to end...the places I went! The places I'll still go on my meandering trip here in a few days. An educational trip it will be...oh the poor people I'll run into-I'll probably leave 'em scratching their heads,"Huh?! What was that all about? That lady just kicked JimBob's butt in pool, made him cry-and then he thanked her!" Or "Good Lord that gal can eat, her legs must be hollow-where'd she put it all?!" And most hopefully-"Sure was good to meet you!" Don't worry you all-the pics I'll snap should be a story every one, and the story...well, it won't be of the big fish variety. I try to be true, every word-sometimes my measurement of this world's wonder is more expansive than some, but...that is just how I see it, multi dimensional.
Now back to the places I went in 07:

Stayed in the Heartbreak Hotel for awhile, a permanent residence for some, not for me.

Grew a life with more manure than the experts say is healthy. Gotta do something with B.S though.

Watched the people I love shine brighter than they had in a loooong time-had to wear shades around 'em.

Caught a realllly big fish, had to put him back for awhile-he was big as could be, it was I that needed to grow a bit...

Sat underneath the darkest sky many nights, but the stars that penetrated that darkness were the brightest I'd ever seen.

Learned more from the weeds growing through the cracks of cement out my back door than I did from anything else I cultivated.

Found out that ice and snow flows in some people's veins...and no matter what you do to warm them up, they still remain frozen.

Love of money is the root of all evil, and some times the branches,twigs and leaves to.

Figured out how to squeeze 28 hours out of a 24 hour day.

Listened to and loved opera for the first time-hell, I don't even know what they're saying half the time, but it moves me.

Met my all time favorite number one band since I was 16 years old-THE OZARK MOUNTAIN DAREDEVILS...oh my! I could not contain my joy, no sireee I did not-whooped and hollered most magnificently. And met some wonderful fellow whoopers and hollerers too.

Pondered the meaning of life, every day. I know all I need to know for now, and that adds up to a thimble full. Much more to learn, or forget...

Had a dear lady shine her light on me, and BAM- I was illuminated, everything I perceived to be invisible(including myself)took shape, and glowed!

Pissin' and moanin', bitchin' and groanin' is like sitting in a rocking chair expecting to take a ain't going no where.

And now...this is where David Letterman should step in-The number one permanent impression left on me by the year 2007: (drum roll please....)

Life can be lonely and life can be sweet, you can pick alot of roses but the thorns will make you bleed, you must roll with the change, and grow with all the strife...just do what you have to in this game we call life.
And that's love.

Forever true...take care-

***the rainbow pic on previous post is one of miss lil's-she is a perceptive little artist in residence here, i often borrow her images for this spot.***


Lorrie said...

This lesson might be my favorite: "Pissin' and moanin', bitchin' and groanin' is like sitting in a rocking chair expecting to take a ain't going no where."

What great lessons. I've been in quite the funk lately, so it was nice to read this and remember that even in tough times- sometimes especially in tough times- there are beautiful lessons to be learned.

I'm not a stalker (LOL), but I read a great article about you and your little farm that was published back in August. Would love to email with you some time about how you keep your peacock and guineas from destroying your plantings. I'm at, if you can drop me a line to answer that question!

Piercing The Veil said...

Nice summary of your thoughts....I have a lot to learn my friend...and your last line...
true.... a rose cannot be a rose without its thorns and it is the same with life....that is why we were given emotions to distinguish all there is given for us to feel....take care ...have a blessed New year

um, bam said...

dear darlin, okay, for starters, love the pun, and the picture, oh my lordy. and the way with words.......your wrap up of the year, the ups, the downs, the sideways, is stunning, breathtaking. and hmmm, you should see yourself a chicago tribune this morn. seems the words out, true calling makes the paper. back page, Q section. i for one can't hear enough about the one who harvests words when she's not out in her fields. forgive me if your country road is a might bit traveled today. folks might be coming by for a visit......and, um, thanks for warmingmy morning over where i pour my coffee. you belong so very much in the realm of the word. there's a book, or a whole shelf of books in, one who was lucky enough to take a turn at the post where the red start roosts....

Piercing The Veil said...

Nice summary of your thoughts...I never fail to pick a thought from you...and thank you...

Happy New Year

LSL said...

Very sweet post. Sending good wishes for health and happiness and peace in 2008!

Lorrie said...

Stalker Lorrie, at your service. It's time to write a new blog entry. I'm dying for some more True Calling! :o)