Monday, December 10, 2007

The World Is New Each Morning...

"-that is God's gift, and a man should believe he is reborn each day." Israel Ben Eliezer
For truly I was renewed over the weekend, the ice and the snow-such beauty to behold. My camera (well, Lily's camera...)poised, a world of wonder awaited each precious framing. My intent was to say very little this morning, to post many pictures and let them speak for themselves, but blogger had other ideas and the photo above was the only one to be posted. Those geese flew overhead, low and slow-their wings saluted me in greeting, I whispered "Good morning" to them. And the sound of crackling and snow falling is like no other, a quiet solitude, a brain silencer an eye opener, I cannot help to feel so elated, to smile inwardly and outwardly. I did prep a bit for the storms-five buckets full of five gallons of water in the basement, salt on the sidewalks and the path to the barn. Old pickup resting comfortably in the shed, never moving, hibernating out there-hopefully this morning I can wake her up from her bear-like slumber, for I am sure she will growl and be hard to rouse. I was certain of an electrical outage-last year I was off the grid for 5 days, no water, basement flooding, boiler stranded like an island with water quickly threatening to cancel her function should the electricity return. I remember falling down the steps as I baled water from the basement to water the animals, remember sitting at the base of the stairs thoroughly soaked and sore and crying. I remember getting up and going to the living room to use the phone and call a friend, looking up to see Granny and Grandad standing out in there field in the picture and reminding me that they were pioneers and had no electricity for many of their years, their eyes scolding me as if to say "get up girl, dry your tears and get on with it, we had it so much harder!" I remember sucking it up at that moment, calling the friend with heat and dryness, (sniffling a little)- to share my thoughts of broken bones, and could I come over later for a hug, heat, and coffee. But this morning, I am also remembering yesterday and it's restorative power, as it has found me a new morning today, another beginning,a being reborn, again. Stay warm, take care-


bam said...

i come here, each time, i am filled like someone hooked me up to tubes spilling with oxygen. i could sit on your porch step, your admittedly icy one there today, and i could listen to your stories for forever. i love how you write, how you think, how you live, how you love. you teach much. and i learn. listening. i can hear those geese. i know how hard it is to get that picture. i tried. i didn't get it. dang. but you did and i am soo soo glad. xoxox citygirl.

true said...

You're a genuine bonafide feather in my cap, bless you today and always- in all ways. Spill your disguise here, shout it out-I am honored to have you glimpse let alone "read" me. And I should give credit to Jose for the only picture I've ever liked of myself(and Ike!),and I would do just that if I knew how to add to anything once I've posted. Such a kindergartner I am. Thanks for your lovely visits, it just seems brighter here, don't you think?!