Friday, December 21, 2007

With litter...and a garden hoe

Good morning,
Counting down the are excited, as they should be, it is only fitting and right-even as teenagers and older, they are smitten with what their weird mother has in store for them. They still believe in Santa though...the spirit in the giving there. I shopped mainly at, a homemade, handmade kind of site, I highly reccomend the site as it is creative in it's integrity as I have ever seen. And now for yesterday- what I wrote and had to reveal has made me all the lighter this day, so thanks for hanging in there with me, the real unharnessed me.
After work, I tried to zoom into town for an appointment, but...there was this kid, a real sweet kind of thank you, thank you, thank you kid, stuck in a ditch...on a farm road, cold and shivering and trying like hell to get his car unstuck. I had to stop, had to help and he was beyond thankful, although even with my shoulder to his bumper and only a handy hoe to "dig" him out, I was more encouraging than anything else. This was a little farm road, a farmer finger kind of road, a road that should in of itself be on a first name basis kind of street. The kid had been stuck for over half an hour, confirming that many had already passed him...and yes, ignored his plight, including the dude who had run him off the road in the first place. Oh we tried with everything we had to move his car-forward, backward- kitty litter, hoe and all. A nice lady, mother of four-zoomed by. Yea, real nice lady. A school bus, the driver a real rip, I even said so-couldn't read my lips I guess-off she drove, almost over us. And then the mail lady-the "it's Christmas season, I have sooooo much to do, but hey! Those people could use my help!" so she stopped. An angel. So then out came the floor mats, and it was her kitty litter that we sprinkled. And we pushed, and jumped up and down on the bumper, we another friendly neighbor zoomed by, as stated in previous post-"Aren't people wonderful?!" Whew! Did I mention I was on my way to an appointment? But the kid was shivering, and wet and gloveless and well, he needed help. I thought of going to get my tractor and chain, not 4 miles away, when lo and behold-what else but a friendly farmer guy, tooling along in his tractor with his hay forks on, stopped, assessed, made a phone call and..."My boy will be here in a moment with a chain, we'll get you out son." Just like that, kindness to a stranger and a strange crew- with litter and a garden hoe. Oh we hugged, the mail lady and I, and then the kid, the sweet shivering, never did the smile leave his chipper face, he hugged too. All around the Christmas tree and out there on that farm road, real people, really kind and accomodating and the blind ones-the ones who missed out on an adventure of generosity, a different kind of farm finger to them, a salute if you will....made for a good day, and memory. Oh! I did make it to said appointment on time, wet and dirty knee-d, but by golly I got there, elevated & good spirits to boot. That's all folks. Take care- (and do look out for those chipper faces, the one's in the ditches-help 'em if you can, you might get a hug.)

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