Monday, February 18, 2008

Glove Compartment Blues

"I was lost, double crossed...I didn't have no where to run, then I stood and looked, and my eyes got hooked, on that beautiful morning sun...And it seems like...yea, it feels like....yea it seems like....oh, it does feel like....A brand new day...Yea, yea, yea...a brand new day..." Van the Man Morrison

Have you ever heard that song? It's a really good one. Even though I ranted a bit last week (Ha! I was spittin' razor blades...) I will survive. I guess I've had a bit of those Glove Compartment Blues. What's that you ask?!?!? Picture my old Ford, (everything is old about her, original)-with her simple function, even her glove compartment operates on a buttoned single flange catch. I try to shove the truck registration, insurance info, screwdrivers, extra work gloves, what ever appears worthy enough to be kept instead of thrown away. Sometimes, when I get to driving down old back roads, rougher roads than most...that darn glove compartment comes flying open and all that other stuff spills out. So- not only do I have to try to keep the old girl between the ruts and miss the bumps, I am also trying to shove all those other things back into the glove compartment...trying to shut it back up in there so I can keep focused on the road ahead. Glove compartment blues. Life. Just when the pavement is nice, the sights are pleasant, the sun is shining...the road shifts to the left and bam! Huge cavernous pothole...the steering wheel seemingly gets jerked out of my hands, and wham!! Another pothole, the glove compartment comes flying open...stuff everywhere...the road just keeps getting bumpier...That's what grief is like, I can find no better description. In relationships, failures, death, unanswered prayers, unkindnesses, unfairnesses...the Glove Compartment Blues can just plum wear you out on top of everything else. I guess what I've been trying to do as of late, instead of shoving all that crap back in the glove compartment...I was trying to sift through it...while driving down a really rough road. Yep. Lost sight of where I was going. All I could see was the "stuff" everywhere, wanted for once to get rid of it. But I can't just throw it out the window, that would be littering- someone else would then have to deal with it. Nope. So I just shoved it all back in there for a time, and little by little- one piece at a time...I'll look at it and determine if it's worthy to keep, if it's essential to the journey. If will make good kindling for a fire built with faith, failure, doubts and big ol' logs of hope. Be well. Take care-

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Art-of-Facts said...

One of my new recent favs as you know how I look for the truth in the everyday elements. How very poignant about the littering left for others. Your honesty always gives strength - do not fear you have to be some beacon of strenght in any other manner than what you are - some days are good - some are just plum crappy - share it and we all feel better that we are not the only ones as HOPE has to carry us to diligence.