Monday, February 11, 2008

Pictureless Post

I have precisely 8 minutes to post, I must get into town to take my daughter to work, insurance and all keeping us imprisoned in our carless universe. Though not truckless...but it's cold outside, and the old girl does not heat up until you get from point A to point Be...that is when the heater kicks in. Fun, exciting adventures every cold day. Oh, and in the summer? Yep, she'll blast you with an internal engine combustion that makes a sunburn pale in comparison. No electric beaches for me, nope- I just naturally redden on engine fumes. Ha, the life...
But real quick, I work in a local cafe- "The Wild Hare", imagine, me- working some place like that! We never know who we might be entertaining...ghosts, musicians, politicians, and angels?! Yep, met another one again Saturday... a picture taking angel. I was in the company of a profoundly gifted artist, her pictures spoke of a different dimension- one that cannot be seen with eyes, but felt within. This young lady blew me away, so beautiful were her photos that I felt compelled to say my analogical Terryese. Hope I didn't scare her, she was beyond the typical tourist, artist...her visions captured on film, well- you wouldn't believe your own eyes, and you shouldn't either- something of her work is spiritual, higher-profound.
So- good day to you, perhaps I'll link to her some day if she is open to it. I'll have to get permission, and hopefully some focus on a family issue seen through her lens. Take care-

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