Wednesday, February 6, 2008

(a sparrow too)

Much has occurred between the beginning and the now...I've learned so much, forgotten too some lessons worth forgetting. But this I know and know too well, love never really dies- happily, sadly- hand in hand, it's gets us through the darkest times. So-with tremendous gratitude, with thanks of praise and acknowledgement...I find myself full. Good day to celebrate, to be alive- what a gift indeed. Take care-

As Prompted...

To be in some way distressed with myself
by words I must convey
a language I try to interpret
to others who do not say
such words as depth and beauty,
beyond or even blue-
Deprived are they
of poetry
so dim must be their view.
I try to speak of a writer's soul
but it's mine that I know best
and locked inside are secrets
at times-
most difficult to detect.
The key, I find, is experience
emotion(hardened or kind)
these I use to draw out the words
straight from my heart- not my mind.
There, I've tried to tell it all...
(or some of it anyway-)
A writer's soul, that of my own
so true and unafraid.

I've always had these wings and feathers
maybe even the strength to rise,
aware this day of one sure thing
-know please, you've helped me fly

And this name I try to live up to
(the one that gets me by...)
hints of wonderous things like feathers!
though singed- you helped me fly

and I'll cry again and cry some more
the tears have made me wise
too wise sometimes for a heart like mine
but still you urged

so fly I will and soar as well
for you and them and I
an eagle when I'm broken...
(a sparrow too), I fly

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bam said...

God bless the panting breathing bird, there crumpled in the grass. lift water droplets to her lips, stand back, make room for air. oh look, she lifts one wing, then two. she's up, she's off. she's airborne now. she can see what you and i can only imagine. she is true wonder, now on wings that catch the rushing winds of heavens.....